Welcome to a Spiritualist Church Service


You will find it:

Full of Love, and endeavouring to guide through thought, words, and deeds the teachings and example of the Master ?Jesus Christ?.

Our format is as follows:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Song or Hymn
  • Reading The Great Invocation
  • Meditation and Healing thoughts by the Minister
  • A reading by a member of the congregation
  • Song or Hymn
  • Address by the Guest Speaker
  • Spiritual communion (proof of survival) by guest medium
  • Notices Benediction by the Minister.

PICT0755Everyone is then invited to stay and have tea, coffee, soft drinks, and chat and share the evening. The service lasts for about two hours in total.

All are welcome, including children of all ages.

The Spiritual Communion is an important part of our service, and guest mediums use many ways to demonstrate. Some use psychometry, or do flower readings, whilst others use voice contact with the recipient, and link with as many people as possible during the session. Whatever aspect is being used, the service is uplifting and enjoyed by all.

Often mediums will channel spirit messages or energies, and sometimes trance mediums will allow spirit to completely ?take over?, so that complete channelling takes place.

All in all, the aim of a Spiritualist meeting is to bring together spirit and sitters alike and for mediums to share their gift of communion between the realms of this world and the next. The essence of the meeting is love, peace and harmony, and at the end of the service people will leave feeling ?at one? with themselves and the world.

Meetings are open to all, everyone being welcome, no matter what religious belief, nationality or political view. It has been the writer?s experience that all those who come along leave with a new sense of freedom, having experienced pure and divine love.