Thoughts of the Reverend

We no longer live in a simple world

Most of our lives now consist of rush, work, often overwork, money issues, travel nightmares, worries about family, worries even now about safety just going on holiday, in case there are terrorists with bombs.

Reverend Angela Peters Everything now is a drama, and we each seem to have the lead role in our own personal stage drama.

I am no different, being a Minister does not exempt me from the dramas of life (I wish), but perhaps there is a way of dealing with life, which we all can use. This is mine:

I am a great believer in the power of prayer. By that I do not mean that one has to go down on bended knee in a church, but just simply to have an on going daily communication with that wonderful force of energy and love that we call God.

God is part of us and we part of God, we belong to the same force of unconditional light and love. It?s just that Gods energy is the source, and we flow from that source.

In order to do that and be at one with the divine source, we need to keep the flow lines open, which means just what I said before, keep open the communication (prayer) lines.

Many people only turn to God, when their lives are troubled, and then they ask for help, often finding, to their amazment, their prayers answered, as such. In fact all they have done is re-opened the energy flow between themselves and the ?force?, which in turn allows the divine and unconditional love to flow, so bringing about positive change in the situation to hand. How simple is that. but if we had not tried to do everything ourselves in the first place, in fact had we not become an island separate from the ?source?, we would not have found matters so impossible to begin with

It is much the same with healing. There are many forms of healing and a variety of connections can be used.

Reiki healing invokes the universal light force energy with connection to the founder Dr Mikao Usui in the astral plane, with the use of symbols, whilst healing in a Christian church would call on the energy of Jesus Christ. Faith healing would call on the energy of the faith connected to the faith concerned.

My own form of Spiritual healing calls upon the divine source of pure and perfect love which is there and available to us all, but in order to receive we need to create a quiet stillness, thus linking into that beautiful peace and love, which can then channel through to the patient, who then feels a wonderful sense of oneness and wellbeing.

Healing is not about necessary making someone well, I do not profess to make the lame walk or the blind see, but healing will always bring about a change in the energy for the better. It is in fact a simple, life changing, and amazing way of dealing with modern life and its pressures.

Again just connecting to and using the energy of the Divine source, we call God.

Love, Light and Blessings

The Obligation

I, Angela , in the presence of The Divine Spirit and of this assembly, seen and unseen, and gathered in God’s name,

After study of the religion of Spiritualism, and solemn preparation in heart and mind, and especially by Communion with the world of Spirit, solemnly declare that I will dedicate my life to the teachings of Spiritualism.

Believing in the seven principles and all they imply, I will serve God, with all my heart and mind, and the spirit world with fervour and zeal, as the Spirit friends have shown in ministering to my spiritual needs.

I will endeavour so to live according to the highest teachings of spiritualism that no person may suffer through unworthiness on my part.

I will honour truth and will recognise in medium-ship a sacred faculty, to be exercised for the upliftment of mankind.

I will value virtue and goodness (especially in teaching the young) and will set them above worldly or material position.

I will respect and maintain honour, and will speak of people in their absence as I would in their presence.

I will do no injustice, and will use my influence to prevent such actions by others.

I will heal the sick by using any power which God has given to me, and I will comfort the broken hearted.

I pledge myself to this solemn obligation, without mental reservation, and pray that, being considered worth by my fellow man for this ministry, I may become worth in God’s sight.