Near Death Experiences


AS many of you may be aware, last year saw my health take a serious turn for the worse, here is the story of the event and my journey back.

29th August started like any other day, I rose early, had breakfast and got ready to meet fellow minister Lea as we were going to a religious memorabilia auction being held.

WE arrived and took our seats at the auction site and I had made copious notes of the items I intended to bid for.

AS the auction began I enthusiastically made my bids until suddenly I got the most excruciating pain in my head, it was unbelievable. I grasped onto Lea and told her about the pain and said I must get outside, she tried to help me up but my whole body seemed not to be following any instructions. I gather she got me outside with the help of a stranger and she called an ambulance.

By the time they arrived I was very ill, and they proceeded to race me to the local base hospital, which is probably 10 minutes away. Unfortunately by the time we reached the hospital I had gone into a complete coma and both of my lungs had collapsed too.

I knew nothing obviously but was told later that several nurses and 2 doctors fought relentlessly to save my life. One doctor in particular refusing to give up, even though there seemed little hopes of getting me back he battled on.

They did manage to bring me back from the brink of death, but only just and then proceeded to send me to The John Hunter hospital in Newcastle by Helicopter.

When I arrived there, they apparently had no treatment that could save me and sent me on by helicopter to Sydney where a bed had been found for me in Intensive care at a Sydney hospital, and my luck came in as also there at the hospital was one of Australia?s top neurosurgeons Prof. M Morgan.

He apparently assessed my condition and diagnosed that I had suffered a massive brain aneurism and was very close to death.

He rang my son in the UK and explained to him that they had me in the hospital and my only slim chance of survival would be major brain surgery, which if performed would leave me unable to walk or speak afterwards because of the depth of surgery. He explained to Alex my son that if I survived I would need constant nursing care afterwards, in a nursing home.

He asked Alex if he should perform the operation or NOT.

Poor Alex, imagine a young man being asked to make that decision.

He told the Professor he needed some time to think and would call him back, the Professor told him he had 10 minutes not fifteen as by then it would probably be too late anyway.

Alex told me later that he put down the phone and then said the biggest prayer ever and then asked my mum who is in spirit to help him. He is a very psychic young man and he heard her say very clearly to him, ?Alex tell them to save her, she will do the rest?. He heard it twice so quickly rang back Prof Morgan and said please operate and save her if you can.

The operation was performed and Alex was on the next plane from London to Sydney.

I knew nothing for many weeks as when I came out of the surgery I was in a coma and on life support,for almost 3 months,and in intensive care, being monitored by 3 nurses 24 hours per day. What amazing care? And dedication.

But strange things were happening.

I suffered a near death experience. For me there were no tunnels or floating above my body but I found myself in an immense garden and in the garden was the prettiest ?summerhouse? I had ever seen. The summerhouse was bathed in the most beautiful light which I took to be sunlight at the time, and I longed to go inside and have a look. I went towards the summerhouse and climbed the steps to a really ornate front door, the door had the most stunning door handle and I turned the knob and pushed open the door which revealed a gorgeous room set out as a dining room with a huge table set for dinner, lovely crisp white linen, crystal glasses and silver cutlery and each place had a hand written place card the writing in gold ink.

I looked at some of the place cards and thought I seemed to recognise some of the names.

AS I glanced over the room I noticed that there was a side board which had some blank cards on it and the ink stand and pen, I quickly thought that perhaps I could write my self a card and put it on the table and stay for dinner, so I did.

I was just re arranging the table place settings to fit myself in when the door opened and a butler in full black and white uniform came in. He was surprised to see me and asked what I was doing in the dining room. I told him I was a dinner guest. He had a list and asked my name and when I told him he said I was not on the list so could not stay.

He reached forward and grabbed my place card and tore it up.

I was horrified and drew myself up to my fullest English haughty heritage and asked him who he thought he was to do that. I also noticed his cuffs were frayed and told him he could not serve dinner in such a shabby jacket and needed to fetch a fresh one.

He took offence and said IT WAS NOT MY PLACE TO TELL HIM WHAT TO DO, AND HE PUSHED ME TOWARDS THE DOOR AND OUT OF IT, He pushed so hard that I stumbled down the steps, and fell to the bottom, where I sat winded and indignant. As I tried to get up I felt incredibly weak and could not manage, until suddenly a soft hand reached out and took my hand, AS I rose I looked up into the lovely face of a young woman.

I thought I knew her but could not get my head round who she was.

Then she spoke and said,? Mummy don?t you recognise me its Lisa.?

I was stunned as the recognition came over me, it was in fact my daughter who had died 30 years earlier but now she was a young woman and beautifully grown.

The eyes were certainly Lisa?s eyes and the hair blonde and pretty, as hers had been.

Lisa pulled me away from the summerhouse. Come on mummy she said you don?t want to be in there, they are all dead in there, and the butler is awful.

I was puzzled as of course Lisa was also ?dead? as such. But I said nothing.

But still she took me off into the garden and there we met just so many people, some I knew, some not. WE met Michael Jackson and she said he had recently come over and they were now friends. He gave me a warm hug. He was wearing a soft blue shirt with silver glistening in it and he asked me when I got back to find his ring which someone had taken from his finger. I told him I would try.

The garden was gorgeous and full of happy souls, music, colour, and the most stunning trees and flowers; it was truly ?out of this world?.

Suddenly Lisa disappeared and I found myself alone in the garden and not able to see very well.

I became very frightened and looked around frantically for help, but could find no one. What I could see was the summerhouse in the distance so I stumbled towards it thinking if I got to the little haven bathed in ?light? I could rest.

What I did not know until much later in my recovery was that at some point in my illness I had lost my sight because of the haemorrhaging.

I finally reached the summerhouse guided only by the stunning bright light and tried to climb the steps to reach the door. I eventually managed but when I tried to open the door the handle or door knob was gone. Try as I may to push or pull the door it would not open.

I was getting incredibly tired and almost on the verge of giving up as I could not seem to breathe, when I heard Lisa?s voice. She called from the bottom of the steps, ?mummy come back down here, you must not go in there, if you do you?ll have to stay inside, and they are all dead in there, come back to the garden where the fun people are and we?ll help you. WE can give you some of our energy. In her hand was the door handle, and she said I wont give it to you mummy, sorry.

Then she said, ?anyway mum you must go back as the stupid boys need you.? I re-aliased she meant my sons Alex and Kevin.

?Yes? she continued ?Kevin is going to have a baby and you will need to be there for her, It will be a little girl Go back mummy.?

I had no idea what she meant but had no strength to resist anyway. She caught me and with her friend Michaels help they half carried me to the end of a path, stood me up and gave me a very gentle push. As they did I found myself almost floating down the pathway, and as I looked back they were waving. Their last words to me were,? we are sending our energy back with you. You will be ok.?

I remember Michael Jackson smelled just gorgeous maybe he wore special cologne.
I did not see them again, but I obviously ?made it back? but I did not wake up from my coma for many weeks.

As I was coming round slowly, the nurses would ask if I knew where I was and I would always tell them I was in Paris, they would apparently try to tell me I was not in Paris but in hospital after having a terrible haemorrhage. I would tell them defiantly I was most definitely in Paris with my lover and we needed more wine.

They would try to explain I could not have wine or champagne as I demanded and I was not overly polite to them on that point apparently.

My son told me later that on one day some poor nurse spent ages explaining to me how sick I was and that Prof. Morgan would be very cross if she gave me wine and I said ?Well F—K him them. Very undignified.

The nurse asked my son was he sure I was a Reverend Minister.? OH DEAR

However eventually I came out of my coma and saw my son looking down at me. I recognised him and said Alex is that you he assured me it was and said mum you can speak. I was puzzled but assured him I could speak and he asked if I could move, I tried and said I could. He turned to the intensive care nurse and said ?see she is not a vegetable, well maybe she is, but not a cabbage just a little carrot. I had no idea what they were talking about but it turned out that as they had shaved off all my hair at the front to operate and it was growing back I looked like the tufts on top of a carrot, so Alex called me his little carrot. The nurse and he dancing around the room singing she?s not a cabbage or broccoli just a little carrot.

I must admit I was still pretty sick but began to get better as the days and weeks went by. No one knows how I came back without being incapacitated in my speech and ability to walk.

I remembered vividly my experience in the garden and summerhouse, and told Alex about it as soon as I could. I understand now that had I got back into the summerhouse it would have been the end of my earth life, what I took at the time for sunlight was indeed the lights of spirit.

I also remember Kevin coming to see me and I asked him how his wife Jena was, He said she was not very well, and I told him she was pregnant. He was amazed but confirmed some days later she was indeed pregnant. I told him it would be a little girl, and guess what on the 29th March Jena had a baby girl, gorgeous little Charlotte, Lisa was right.

I am continuing to recover, and have so much to thank so many people for. All those wonderful doctors and nurses who fought so hard to save me and Prof Morgan for being such a brilliant surgeon. Then of course all of those amazing spirit people who were there for me and helped me back, thanks Lisa and Michael l Jackson See you another day and other time, but in the meantime we love you.

Every time now that I put on a Michael Jackson CD I see Michael in his soft blue shirt and smell his gorgeous cologne.

It just was not quite my time to go ?over?

Warm regards Angela

If you have any interesting Near Death experience stories please send them to Angela.